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About Zach Vogel

My name is Zach Vogel, and I am a landscape and macro photographer based in Colorado.

My journey into photography.

I started taking photos in 2018 when I began to document wildlife in the state of Colorado. I used photography to catalog arthropods and arachnids around different areas of Colorado. As my skills began to develop, I started to photograph the scenic landscapes of Colorado. I have been asked where I learned to take photos. I direct people to YouTube; there are many photographers there with videos on editing photos with software and setting up proper compositions for both macro and landscape photography. Time also played a key role; I slowly honed my landscape and macro photography skills. I continue to learn and hope to keep taking better compositions of both the macro world and the scenic landscapes of Colorado and God's wonderful creation. 

My Current Gear 

The current camera I use is a Nikon D850 DSLR. Lens are Nikkor 24-70mm lens, Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 sports lens, Tokina 100mm for macro photography, and a 14mm Rokinon for astrophotography.

Contact Me

You can email me at zachvphotography@outlook.com

If you are interested in buying a high-resolution file, please contact me with the email above.

© Zach Vogel 2019-2021: Photographer. All photos here are copyrighted and are not for free use. It is prohibited to download or use any of these photos without permission in any media.

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